Monday, July 26, 2010

Nissan 350z bodykit paint

Here some pictures before the painting process

Parts need to be paint are

-front bumper

-side skirt




Sunday, July 25, 2010

Porsche Cayenne New Facelift TechArt Magnum

Currently we are doing a conversion.
This Porsche Cayenne is the OLD Facelift.
We are Doing the conversion to the latest Techart Magnum New Facelift.
There's a few techart magnum kits in the market. But Majority their bodykit fitment is not so perfect and the finishing is not so good. We have a good one now in stock.
So for the conversion from the old porsche cayenne here are the parts we need to change
1) A pair of Front Original HeadLamp
2) A pair of original tail lamp
3) A pair of front fender
4) A pair of side signal5) A pair of original day light.
This are what the original parts we need.
For the New Face Lift TECHART MAGNUM here are the parts supplied
1) Front bonnet
2) Front bumper with nice front grill3) Fog Lamp
4) Side skirts
5) Wheel arches ( the new face lift arches is different,compared to the old face lift)
6) Rearbumper
7) Rear Spoiler
8)Bumper bracket
9)Bonnet spoiler
10) FRT head lamp cover
11) Tail lamp cover
Being Honest this bodykit has the best finishing and very high quality fibre.Please view to believe. More pictures will be upload soon

Thursday, July 22, 2010

BMW E60 Hamman Conversion

This is a bmw e60 M sport with a hamman conversion with a custom colour prepared by ATS
It's 80 percent going to complete..I will post the picture in near time.

Conversion parts are

Bmw m5 side mirror
Hamman side skirt
Hamman frt lips
Hamman rear diffuser
Hamman Exhaust
M5 fender grill
Matte black frt grill
Carbon fibre emblem
Boot spoiler
Roof spoiler

Subaru Impreza Version 9 In the making

Hello guys,

This is a subaru impreza version 9 fully repaint interior and the exterior with an anti rust for the under carriage..Normally it took us about 2 weeks to complete the job, its all depends on the car conditons. Stay tuned for more pictures